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Elastic laces round, gray, 5 mm

Elastic laces round, gray, 5 mm

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Are you sorry to constantly re -bind your laces? Then we have the perfect solution for you: our round elastic laces! With these cool shoelaces, the annoying binding is a thing of the past.

Our laces are made of high quality, soft material. They are elastic and adapt perfectly to your shoes without pressing or cutting. Regardless of whether you use them in sneakers, sports shoes or leisure shoes, our laces offer you the optimal comfort.

The high quality of our laces guarantees a long service life. They are durable and can withstand intensive stress. 

The use of our laces is very easy. You just have to thread them into your shoes once and you can then conveniently tighten them by train. Thanks to their elasticity, they automatically adapt to your shoe shape and offer you the perfect hold.

Advantages of elastic laces

  • no knot
  • No loop
  • Quickly put on the shoes
  • High-quality materials
  • Perfect for binding beginners
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