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Elastic laces, black, 5 mm

Elastic laces, black, 5 mm

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You certainly know that: you are in a hurry, want to get out of the house quickly and then the drama with your shoes! The shoelaces are knotted again or you have to tie them laboriously. That takes time and nerves. We have the solution for you: elastic laces with a screw cap!

With our elastic laces, the annoying binding is a thing of the past. Simply thread the laces through the eyelets of your shoes and tighten the screw cap. That's it! No tie, no knot, no more anger. You can now put on your shoes at lightning speed without wasting time.

And the best thing about it? Our elastic laces are very easy to use. Your kids will love it! No more constant tying, no loops that loosen and become stumbling. With our laces, your little ones can concentrate entirely on playing without having to worry about their shoes.


  • no knot
  • No loop
  • Quickly put on the shoes
  • High-quality materials
  • Perfect for binding beginners
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