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Elastic laces, purple, 5 mm

Elastic laces, purple, 5 mm

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Elastic no-tie laces

On the places - ready - go: With our super cool laces you are quickly on the road again! Because these laces without loop are super elegant, very easy to use and that is ideal for children and young people!

With our Loeated laces without loop, you can do your sneakers a lot tie faster, Because you no longer have to knot loop. In addition, these laces are optimal to slowly introduce your children to the independent shoe pull. Simply slip into your shoes and pull it! Superly dressed without binding a loop.


  • no knot
  • No loop
  • Quickly put on the shoes
  • High-quality materials
  • Perfect for binding beginners

How do I use the laces?

Bringing your children to put on their shoes themselves, with our laces without grinding the laces without a bow are simply pulled through the laces holes in your shoes, then the best way to put them on and pull the ligaments tight. When the shoes are optimal, simply cut off the protruding band and attach the stainless steel buckles to the ends of the laces. Now you can take off your shoes easily and quickly without having to tie a loop.

Contents: 2 laces (1 pair) and 2 metal capsules

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