Gravierte Lace Tags an Nike Sneakern

Lace tags as a perfect, extraordinary gift idea

Personalized gifts are always a special way to make someone happy. They show that you have worried and put you in trouble finding something unique. A great idea for personalized gifts are our printed lace tags and Lace tags with engraving - Small pendants that can be attached to laces.

Why are personalized lace tags the perfect gift idea? For men and women alike, they are an original and practical gift. The tags can be engraved with individual messages or names and are therefore a unique accessory for every sneaker lover.

Lace tags are also ideal as a company gift with its own company logo. They offer the opportunity to present the company logo in a stylish way and at the same time give the recipient a personal touch. Whether as a small thank you for customers or as a giveaway at trade fairs and events - lace tags with your own company logo are an eye -catcher and are remembered.

Another occasion to Personalized Lace Tags Fit perfectly, is a wedding. With the date of the big day, they are a nice memory and an original gift for the bride and groom. The tags can be attached to the wedding shoes and are therefore a subtle but personal eye -catcher.

Personalized lace tags are therefore a versatile gift idea that are equally suitable for men and women. Whether as an individual accessory, company gift or as a wedding gift - you are an original and personal present that will certainly cause enthusiasm.

Talk to us, we can (almost) implement any idea and every wish!

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