Everyday question: What is the end of the laces?

Needle, pink and Co.

Well - we had to get to the bottom of this question at the beginning of our passion for shoes. And yes, the end of the laces actually has a name.

On Lace Place we call the end pen or Metal pen and Metal capsule. But basically the end of the shoelaces is referred to as a needle. 

In the case of laces made of synthetic fiber, the Needles Spitz welded together or covered with a plastic film. If the end of the laces is a metal capsule, it is called it Pink.

Metal pins and metal capsules

Laces without binding. Is that possible?

So that laces do not constantly open you, or you have the problem with frayed, wide needles, we have put together for you on Laceplace metal capsules and metal pins in the hottest colors. You only have to knot the metal capsules at the ends of your laces and you can easily connect the laces by simply screwing the two capsules together Quite simply without binding.

The situation is similar with the metal pens - you no longer have to do here after attaching the pens. Simply slip into the shoe and you're done.

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