Collection: Elastic laces without tie

You also wish you a simpler and faster way to bind your shoes?

We have the solution! Our elastic laces are magnetic ends or with screw cap, which allowed you to close your shoes in a quick and easy way. The whole thing is not only super practical, it also looks extremely good. You can find our elastic shoelaces in many colors.

Elastic laces with closure

** Never tie shoes again - our instructions for attaching elastic laces **

And so the shoe binding or sneakers bind without knotting the laces - in just 5 steps. You need elastic laces in your desired color and a connecting capsule. Then it can start:

1. Thread the laces.
2. screw apart metal capsule.
3. Thread the laces through a metal capsule of half.
4. Knot the laces in front of the capsule.
5. Cut the remaining laces - done!

We have chosen matching metal capsules for our elastic laces so that you have a suitable set directly. Or you want to beautify your existing, elastic laces without tying with trendy metal capsule or simply treat you a new color, then look at the individual metal capsule sets.