Everyday question: What is the end of the laces?

Aglet, Flugelbinder or Needle?

We had to get to the bottom of this question right from the start because of our passion for shoes. The end of the shoelace has a name? The answer is Aglet.  It originates from Old French “aguille”, meaning “needle.” This, in turn, comes from the original Latin word for needle: “acus.” Hence, an “aglet” is like a short “needle” at the end of a shoelace (Fieggen, 2023). 

On Lace Place, we will call them aglets. We offer metal capsules in multiple colors to protect your laces and aglets

Why choose our metal capsules?

First off your laces won't come undone, so don’t worry about your shoes laces getting untied while running. Additionally, your laces will not get frayed due to weathering or abuse because of the capsule protection. 

First, your laces won't come undone, so don’t worry about your shoelaces getting untied while running. The capsule protection will prevent laces from fraying due to wear and tear. 

These capsules are easy to use: You only have to place a knot on the ends of your laces after you fit them through the end of the capsule. Cut the excess lace then you can easily connect the them by simply screwing the two capsules together without tying.

The metal capsule no-tie system works great with our elastic shoelaces.


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